Mark Hutchinson’s Wildlife Life

WildArk, a wildlife and nature conservation group, was founded by Mark Hutchinson. Hutchinson is a native Australia. His father had a job that often transplanted a city. He said it was during these early years that he learned to love the outdoors. The family finally settled down in Sydney after his dad got a new full time job there. After high school, he spent a year living in and off of the wilds of northern Australia. It was during these years the he decided he would eventually start an adventure company.

At the age of 19, he journeyed to Africa and did the same thing there. He then started to pursue his adventure company dream by earning a B.A. in Economics from the University in Sydney. In 2005 he completed a South African-based EcoTraining course in order to be qualified as a guide in Africa. It was during this time that he first met business partner, Anton Lategan. At 22, he founded the adventure company, Untamed. The mission of this company was to introduce its clients to the best that the outdoors has to offer. During his time fully managing this company he would contact African hotels and offer the services of his company to the travelers staying there. Learn more:

In 2008, he entered INSTEAD Business School in France, where he earned his MBA. Girded with the knowledge he learned during these years, in 2010 he made some changes with Untamed, which included changing its name to Avana. The rebranded company was almost entirely about training and education of nature guiding. He sold it in 2013. It was while doing this that he learned an awful lot about the ecotourism and conservation industries. Learn more:

For the next two years he labored in the business world with some measure of success. In 2015, he abandoned this business work and finally returned to his passion: Nature and wildlife. That is when he started WildArk. Learn more: