LocationSmart befriends Canada!


In November of last year, LocationSmart disclosed that they are now expanding their services to Canada.

About LocationSmart

LocationSmart is a private business-to-business(B2B) company. They happen to be the largest Location-as-a-Service(LaaS) company in the world. For over 20 years they have been dominating wireless location. They are a reputable company with an award winning platform and strong intellectual property. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

What do they do?

LocationSmart provides location information of contact center engagements for optimal customer experience. They provide instant location with wireless network performance monitoring. In 2010, they began providing delivery of wireless E911 caller location for public safety. Their extensive direct carrier relationships and service connections allow them to have global coverage.

How does it work?

LocationSmart has hybrid technology that has smart processing based on accuracy, availability, and battery life. Here is what their innovative technology combines Call ID, GPS, AGPS, Wifi, and 3rd party location data.

The collection of these tools creates stable location information whether indoors or outdoors. 95% of U.S. mobile phones are locatable. They also have the technology to locate landline phones. A big perk is the ease to utilize their services. Read more:

One set of APIs allow consistency for all major carriers and platforms. Everything is cloud based so there is no need for additional infrastructure, neither the need to download any software. This is good for power, scale, and security.

What does this mean for Canada?

For Canada, this is a big opportunity for economic growth because there are various industries that could use their services. Through Geotags, LocationSmart can automatically provide data where conversions take place, determine trends, and verify visits.

This equips businesses with real time insights on analytics that they can be used to improve business operations. Mcdonalds has used LocationSmart for consumer marketing. FedEx has used them for package tracking. Dial 800 has utilized LocationSmart for call routing. LocationSmart is a must for roadside assistance!

On average, LocationSmart has accomplished to reduce average call times by approximately 30 to 50 seconds, eliminate callbacks by 50%, and improve customer satisfaction by 6%. After a few months, LocationSmart usually produces a dramatic Return-On-Investment(ROI).

Through the products of LocationSmart, Canadian businesses can expect to benefit in business efficiencies, reduction of operating costs, more accurate insights, and increased revenue

In November of 2018, LocationSmart claimed they already had clients in a Beta program from earlier that year, some have already launched, and others are in the process. Overall, expanding services to Canada was a smart move for LocationSmart.

They’re seamlessly changing the business landscape! Later in December of 2018, Chief Economist, Pierre ClĂ©roux forecasted their Canadian economy to have a solid growth in 2019 based on exports and business investments.

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