Sheldon Lavin- Extensively Committed Investor and CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current chief executive officer and the chairman of OSI group. His nationality is United states of America and his hometown in Chicago. He is however mostly located in the Midwestern side of united states for the purpose of his professional job. Sheldon is basically a high brand profile in the industry of food and meat processing. Apart from the above mentioned roles in OSI group that Sheldon has, he also has the seat of the president of the company. He is therefore always actively involved in the company’s operation on daily basis.

He began developing his working knowledge in regard to the food processing industry back in the year nineteen seventy. Back then he used to work in Otto and sons company where he was in the financing department. The company later developed to the current OSI group. It’s under his expertise leadership and management of Sheldon that OSI group was able to grow from a local food processing company to a global processing company. The company now has sixty exits in different sixty countries.

In February twentieth in the year two thousand and sixteen, Sheldon was given an award that was global visionary by the Indians visions world academy to acknowledge him for his great achievement he brought to OSI group. Making it an international scene and enhancing its growth all over the world is not a simple task and thus Sheldon Lavin was worth the award. Sheldon Lavin was very humbled and honored to take the award and he said he is proud of his endless effort of ensuring that OSI group remains to be a powerhouse. In his whole life since he began working, he has been committed to working for the group and managing the many employees.


The company also, has received several awards of environmental sustainability all under Lavins watch. Sheldon Lavins hopes that even the generation to come will uphold the same commitment and prioritize on quality and environmental protection. Sheldon advice leaders that they should all be dedicated to the responsibilities they hold in their companies all to the growth of their employee’s opportunities and the global commerce

Paul Mampilly: The Great Influential Force in the World of Finance

Paul Mampilly has made good use of the MBA that he attained from Fordham University within the sector of finance. He once served as a deputy portfolio manager at Bankers Trust then advanced his knowledge and abilities in investing which enabled him to acquire substantial roles at legal firms inclusive of ING and Deutsche Bank. Some billion dollar corporations identified the potential in Paul Mampilly and recruited him. He also once worked at Kinetics Asset Management, a privately owned investment manager where he managed its hedge fund and oversaw the firm’s assets to grow to $25 billion. This was named by Barron’s a top source of financial news, as one of the best returns made worldwide. Paul Mampilly then decided to steer from Wall Street. He had become tired of making money for other people and wanted to maximize the amount of time he spent with his family.

In the present day, he remains a part of the finance society and works also as an investment analyst and a researcher. Paul Mampilly derives a lot of happiness from helping other people to make their own money. He strives to teach them how to benefit the most from their money in order to lead better lives. Paul writes newsletters which offer good advice and investment guidelines that aid people to get ahead every day. He is most of the times featured in Fox Business News, CNBC and even Bloomberg TV.

Paul Mampilly is really an influential force in the finance world and when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in the year 2006, more than 90,000 individuals registered for Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited. This newsletter accounts new investment opportunities every month and also lists a number of various stocks and Paul advised his readers to purchase this newsletter. Paul’s transit from Wall Street to Main Street is a good indicator of how passionate he is about helping others build and protect their wealth every day. What makes Paul outstanding in the finance industry is his proven track record of assisting individuals and investors to make money for a period of seven years.

Gustavo Martinez – An Accomplished Marketing Consultant

Gustavo Martinez is an accomplished marketing consultant with over 35 years of experience in the marketing sector. Over the past three decades, Gustavo has served for various multinational marketing companies in senior positions and has led to the creation of most iconic advertisements in the industry that have set high standards in the industry.

Some of the multinational companies that Gustavo has served in executive levels include J. Walter Thompson Worldwide Marketing Company, McCann Worldgroup, Olgilvy, Henkel, Price Waterhouse, and Mather. Gustavo in the firms held the position of CEO and President.

Gustavo Martinez in an interview was asked why he has deviated to the traditional marketing methodology and has embraced consultancy and business acceleration. Gustavo in his response said that he has not deviated as consultancy has been in existence for close to a century now. The term consultancy according to Gustavo means an independent contractor who is hired to provide high-end marketing services at the strategic including operational levels.

Consultancy from the very beginning is the cornerstone of the advertising and marketing industry say, Gustavo. The consultancy side of marketing has been tried and tested over time and has been found to be the most effective marketing and advertising method in the industry. Gustavo says that he started as a consultant before being appointed at the helm of various companies as President and CEO.

According to Gustavo Martinez what many people need to know and understand is that what drives the marketing and advertising industry is creativity. Marketing and advertising industry is a different industry from the other sectors that have already set routinely process that is refined, perfected and well established.

Marketing and advertising industry is an industry that is full of dynamism and requires fast and creative thinkers who work best as independent contractors or consultant. Independent contractors work best when they are free and at peace. Independent contractors cannot work best in a nine to five structured work environment as it will limit these will limit their thinking and creativity.

Business acceleration is the other area that Gustavo Martinez is focusing on. Gustavo is working with a company known as UV Business Acceleration that aims at helping grow early-stage startups. According to Martinez most of the startup about 90 percent of them fails due to poor marketing and advertising strategies. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Most startups’ do not factor in marketing and advertising costs when establishing business because they do not understand the impact it has on their businesses.

Gustavo says that most people fail to realize that their products are as good as their advertising and vice versa. UV Business Acceleration under the guidance of Gustavo is helping startups to streamline areas such as user experience, technology design and functionality right from business inception.

Agera energy turns complex energy decisions into simple financial decisions

You cannot speak of retail energy supply without talking of Agera energy. The firm began after one of the acute winters in the world in 2014 which had a significant impact on clients. During this time, customers required change and protection. More so, retail suppliers were not strategically located to meet the requirements of customers and were putting themselves up for sale or worse closing down. This was then an excellent time for Agera energy to effect the change which was so much needed. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.

The firm served its initial clients through the acquisition of a vast national retail energy supplier. Additionally, the firm trained and set out into the market a big direct sales team who were equipped on how to attend to clients. As a result, the firm has amassed 1.8 million clients, and the customer base is still experiencing tremendous growth.

Agera energy supplies homes and businesses with electricity and natural cooking gas. Services and products are specifically designed to suit the needs of each user. Since every user has a specific cost as well as energy requirements, this is where Agera energy changed the game for good. Read more about Agera Energy on

The firm provides a one-stop shop for energy supply, efficiency and audit services. Each of the products is designed with particular clients in mind the reason why Agera energy’s products serve flawlessly.

Several competitors begin their business focusing on residential clients, but the firm specializes in the opposite. This is through refining product names to perfectly suit commercial clients in places where energy can be a considerable expense. The firm also guarantees that each product offered would provide a maximum effect for residential as well as non-profit applications.

Agera energy is proud to serve through the provision of transparent products, simple contracts as well as the most effective enrollment procedures available. The primary purpose of the firm is to set the standard for retail energy suppliers. View:,23.htm

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Women’s Health Expert

“She flies with her own wings”, an appropriate motto for celebrity premier aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden, whom completed her residency at the University of Texas before gaining fellowship with the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Her specialty and reputation grew into celebrity when she became an expert commentator on news and prime media outlets including ABC news, Fox news, and VH1. Now currently owning and operating med-spas in Austin, Tx and Manhattan, Ny offering rejuvenation, relaxation or even corrective procedures.

Dr. Walden uses many advanced and very exclusive technologies like Vectra, a 3-D imagining device allowing patients an unprecedented view to the outcome of a procedure before it takes place, or ThermVa, an RF(radio-frequency) device to noninvasively tighten and revitalize the vagina. Even though Dr. Walden appears to cater to women, men shouldn’t shy away, Dr. Walden offers many products and procedures to have any conscious guy looking his best and performing to desired standards.

One may want to add a little extra to his love life, there is the P-shot granting enhancement to the male member, or Big D-Wave which without medication, noninvasively and with no down time can treat erectile dysfunction. The success of Dr. Walden and her businesses are testament to the quality of care guaranteed by herself and her staff. A mother to two twin boys and a pug named Doug first, Dr. Jen truly lives her mantra to manifest, inspiring young women everywhere and educating the next generation of surgeons and health professionals. To see Dr. Walden’s instagram visit @drjenniferwalden (instagram).

Randal Nardone, CEO of Fortress Investment Group

Randal A. Nardone one of the prominent persons in Fortress Investment Group. In the company, he is one of the co-founders and hold the position of the CEO and a member of the Board of Directors. He is one of the principles in Fortress Investments Group among other associates. Moreover, he is the CEO of Fortress Marco Advisors. Due his enthusiasm to work and the many years of experience in the hedge funds management, he has been able to work in various prestigious companies. the various companies he has worked for includes.FM Falstaff Advisors LLC as the CEO and one of the Co-founders, Impac Commercial Holdings as the Chief operating officer. Additionally, he works at the Newcastle Investments Holdings Corp as the Vice President.

In his portfolio he worked in other companies prior to Fortress Investment Group. However, he has practiced law and worked in Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm as a member of the executive committee. In his education, he gained a degree in Law at Boston University School of Law and a Bachelor Degree in Biology and English in the University of Connecticut. The experience he gained from the various companies prepared him in the asset investment at Fortress. Founding Fortress Investment Group in 1998, Randal Nardone has brought so much commendable changes that made garner the interim chief executive officer and later becoming an official CEO in 2013 to date.

Through Randal Nardone leadership the company has become the largest leasing company in hedge funds and portfolio management. Randal Nardone is now heading the company in the implementation of open assets funds that is a more revolutionary change for the. In 2017, Fortress Investment Group got an acquisition from SoftBank which was monumental for them. Regardless of working as a private company, it started trading as a public company following the merger. The two companies are now maximizing funds through technological investments which Randal Nardone has acknowledge. Although Fortress merged with SoftBank, they were given the privileged to take charge of their own decision making which has made them move a step ahead.

NeuroCore Leverages Brain Feedback Techniques to Produce Real Results

Albert Einstein once said that trying the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Millions of people find themselves playing out a similar scenario every day as they struggle with persistent problems. It might be overeating, or an addiction to nicotine. They might opt for “talk therapy” or drugs to eliminate their problem – but none of it ever seems to work.

But there is a way to break the vicious cycle of “try and fail, try and fail.” It’s called neurofeedback. This is a way to harness the powers of the brain in a smart and strategic way. It gets at the root of habitual problems and eliminates them, or reduces them greatly.

Neurofeedback techniques are at the center of the NeuroCore treatment strategy. NeuroCore is a technology that maps the human brain and pinpoints those specific brain functions that are driving persistent bad habits. Then NeuroCore professionals find ways to “switch off” those triggers that keep people trapped in endless cycles of unwanted behaviors.

At NeuroCore Brain Performance Centers, thousands of people have found relief from problems like overeating, addictions, daily stress and a variety of other self-destructive behaviors.

An Overview of the Charitable Acts of Stream Energy

Corporate philanthropy is an integral part of Stream Energy, a Dallas based direct selling energy company. The company launched Steam cares, a subsidiary that helps it to formalize its ongoing philanthropy both in Texas and throughout the country as a way of giving back to the society. As a corporation launching a separate philanthropy subsidiary is relatively new, however, this did not only help the company to give back to the community, but it also earned them respect and loyalty of potential clients and the public

Stream Energy became a perfect example of how corporations can give back to the community when the Hurricane Harvey dropped almost 56 inches of rain across Houston neighborhoods. Many companies in the United States and other countries watched helplessly as the area flooded lots Americans lost their lives, their homes, and even their pets.

Stream Energy has built a long-term relationship with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, as avenues of giving back to the general population. Its employees and corporate leadership also drive local, grassroots corporate social responsibility to help boost philanthropic track record.

Stream Energy’s business model which is direct energy selling is in many respects as a way of giving back to the society in itself. They pay their associates and loyal customers to build up a network of loyal clients and deliver a variety of services and products, from fixed-rate energy to mobile phone plans.

The company provides both residential and corporate functions, from discounted clean energy to telemedicine and virtual doctors. Successful Stream associates earn commissions based on their sales as individual entrepreneurs and stream business owners, and they also choose to support different causes as individuals.

One particular challenge that Stream associates focus on is homelessness. Both the company and employees regularly track down homeless people in Dallas to offer them support. Stream, therefore, plays a significant role in helping track tackle the homeless problem in Dallas.

Stream also responded rapidly to aid the Texas tornado victims in 2016. When many tornadoes hit North Texas the day after Christmas, Stream and its employees did not hesitate to assist the casualties. Working directly with the Salvation Army church, Stream associates helped to raised thousands of dollars for those who lost their homes and businesses.

Adam Milstein Is a Businessman with a Big Heart

Adam Milstein is a busy man. He is one of the founders of the Israeli-American Council, and he is also the chairman of this organization. He also serves on the boards of several organizations that can be described as “pro-Israel.” Along with being a leader in the Jewish community, Adam Milstein is admired in the real estate sector of Los Angeles. Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company that has properties worth more than $1 billion, claims him as its managing partner.

It wasn’t always clear that Adam Milstein would grow up to be the person he is today. When he joined the Israeli Defense Forces, he had no way of knowing that his brigade leader would one day become the Prime Minister of Israel. The brigade leader’s name was Ariel Sharon. After his military service ended, he married Gila, a fellow soldier, and they became a major force in the world.

Adam Milstein attended the Israel Institute of Technology and graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Business Management. He and Gila decided to move to the United States so that Adam could attend the University of Southern California where he earned an MBA. After his graduation from USC, Adam started his career as a commercial real estate agent in 1983.

Along with all of his other activities, Adam also sits on several boards, and they include the Jewish Funders Network, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs and the Israel on Campus Coalition.

Gila and Adam Milstein founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation for the purpose of supporting pro-Israeli organizations. The foundation’s mission is to strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel as well as strengthening the State of Israel. It also seeks to bolster the affection between the State of Israel and younger generations.

The foundation supports several pro-Israel organizations, including Nahal Haredi, the UCLA Foundation, the Washington Institute, Christians United for Israel, Taglit-Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, AISH Ha Torah, Hillel, StandWithUs, the American Israel Education Foundation and the Israeli-American Council.

Adam and Gila have three daughters and three grandchildren. They live in Encino, California.

Shervin Pishevar: Thoughts And Opinions From An Early Uber Investor

How much would you pay to pick the brain of someone who was an early investor in the ride-sharing service Uber? Many people would say that this figure should be pretty high. They would love to hear from someone who clearly has made some wise financial decisions in his life. However, that cost can actually be zero.

Shervin Pishevar is someone who did have the foresight to invest in Uber before it was a big deal. He now spends his time on other endeavors, but he frequently tweets from his personal Twitter account about various economic topics. Shervin Pishevar put out a group of fifty tweets known as a tweet storm on a variety of economic topics that he cares deeply about.

Shervin Pishevar took the dive head on. He stated right from the top that he believes that the stock market is due for a twenty percent correction. He thinks that it will be this amount if not more. It is a good enough reason for him to personally avoid putting his own money in the market right now. He is waiting for the pullback.

Another thing that you will notice if you read the tweets of Shervin Pishevar is that he is mourning the loss of the American Dream as a uniquely American thing. He feels that other countries are now taking over the baton where America has left it. He says that laws in the United States have made it so much harder for startups to do what they used to do. Too much catering to large corporations has Shervin Pishevar worried that the country has lost its touch.

You can find many other tweets and opinions from Pishevar if you have the desire to read them. He freely offers these thoughts to his audience whenever they want to come by and read them. He tweets at random sometimes when the thoughts pop into his mind, but you can view these thoughts whenever works for you. Jump in from time to time and see what this visionary mind has to say about the current events that are happening all around.