Hussain Sajwani: the Great Businessman and Humanitarian

Hussain Sajwani is among the top 100 most influential and powerful Arab in the world. This he acquired by his ability to see business ideas and the mindset of evaluating the plan to a beautiful venture. He is a titan in the real estate business in Dubai and the Middle East. Despite being among the pioneers of real estate in the region, he has been able to keep up with technology. His firm, DAMAC Properties constantly surprises their clients through the innovative designs.

DAMAC Properties although ranked as the biggest residential provider also deals with commercial properties. They provide conference rooms, offices, and hotels among other business premises.

Hussain Sajwani is also a renowned philanthropist. He currently donated AED two million to a humanitarian group whose objective is to clothe two million needy children across the world. The Donations of the DAMAC Owner will help cloth 50000 of the children. Hussain Sajwani says that it is crucial that we give children a conducive environment as they grow because the future of the world solely depends on them.

Hussain Sajwani has prominent business associates like Donald Trump. The two kick-start their business partnership before Trump assumed the presidential office. Hussain Sajwani is confident that their business relations will continue to flourish. Apart from being business partners, they have a personal relationship. Their families share meals together and keep in touch. Hussain Sajwani family spend their New Year’s Eve with Donald Trump who recognized his presence and praised his prowess in business.

Hussain Sajwani says that he has been able to accomplish his goals by putting fear aside. His inspiration comes from looking at Dubai now and the status of the state ten years ago; the city has significantly grown. He then looks out for opportunities to explore. Well, he takes calculated risks but will give everything to a venture with potential until it becomes a success.

Hussain Sajwani does not regret any decision he has made in life. He believes that every decision he has made, good or bad, has propelled him to the person he is today.


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