Jeremy Goldenstein on Stock Options and Knockout Options

Jeremy Goldstein is known businessman who is currently working at the company Jeremy J. Goldstein & Associates, LLC as Partner. Jeremy Goldstein graduated from the New York Coty University School of Law from which he graduated with JD in 1999. Before that, Jeremy Goldstein achieved a master’s in Art History from the University of Chicago.



After graduating, Jeremy Goldstein started working at Shearman and Sterling for a year, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz for 14 years, and finally at his current workplace where he has been for almost four years. Jeremy Goldstein has amassed a number of professional skills and has become a capable leader.



Jeremy Goldstein has been helpful to the business sector in providing insight into several matters including the predicament employers have found themselves in of whether to use stock options or not. According to Jeremy Goldstein, knockout options are the best way to make sure that the stock options are handled well. To understand why, one needs to know some things about stock options and using them as additional compensation first.



Stick options as additional compensation has its pros and cons. One problem with it is that the stock value can drop sharply at any moment. That will make the stock options wholly unusable and thus eliminate their purpose as compensation. At the same time, businesses will still need to provide the same extensive reports. Employees have also become wary os stock options as a way of compensation. They widely prefer being paid in cash which is secure and straightforward. For the company, it also creates financial and accounting burdens to do all of the paperwork.



On the other hand, stock options are preferable to equities, additional wages, better insurance coverage ad the likes, according to most employers. It is more simple to explain t employees that are not familiar with the compensation method. It can also create a good profit for the company and the employee because stock options for the employee rise together with those of the company. That will have the employees working harder and being more productive.



To eliminate the disadvantages and still make use of the benefits, Jeremy Goldstein suggests knockout options which remove the value of stock options if those of the company drop below a certain value. That is more fair and secure for both the employer and the employee. It will also enhance the performance of the workforce and increase the financial gain.


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