Talk Fusion Launches a New Network Marketing Platform

Talk Fusion, a network marketing company has launched Talk Fusion University, a new online training program. It was launched today on a live broadcast and before a broad international audience. It will be used as a virtual hub through, which Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO, will send expert training to Talk Fusion Associates. A former police officer, Bob Reina has spent over two decades working in the network marketing industry.


Bob Reina ventured into network marketing space in the 1990s. Even with no sales experience, Bob Reina developed a system that catapulted him to a top earner. Success in the networking industry depends not only on your efforts but the team efforts. Here, you deal with people with different personality, educational background, and a wide range of experience in sales. Therefore, you need to focus on aspects that benefit the entire team to generate real income in network marketing. In his capacity as a contributor to MarchTech Advisor and HuffPost, Bob Reina delivers motivational messages on mainstream media and Facebook Live. The new platform has taken Bob Reina’s training to a higher level. Talk Fusion University currently hosts over 30 videos through, which Bob Reina sheds light on the company’s award-winning products and other business opportunities. Besides, Talk Fusion Associates pull a wealth of written resources from Bob Reina’s ever-growing journalism portfolio and the company’s website.


About Talk Fusion


Established in 2007 by Bob Reina, a former police officer, Talk Fusion pioneered the world’s first integrated video marketing platform. At Talk Fusion, Bob Reina strives to help entrepreneurs increase their profit margin, remain competitive, and build customer loyalty. Through its all-inclusive video marketing platform, Talk Fusion offers dynamic techniques that make marketing more engaging and persuasive. Learn more:


It distributes its network marketing solutions through its independent associates in over 140 countries. Meanwhile, Talk Fusion has launched 30 day Free Trials of its comprehensive video marketing platform for anyone who would like to try before subscribing. Talk Fusion University was launched today in English, but Bob Reina plans to translate it to Spanish, French, Russia, Japanese, and Chinese soon. The site requires an associate ID for entry; therefore, it is not open to the public.

Jeremy Goldenstein on Stock Options and Knockout Options

Jeremy Goldstein is known businessman who is currently working at the company Jeremy J. Goldstein & Associates, LLC as Partner. Jeremy Goldstein graduated from the New York Coty University School of Law from which he graduated with JD in 1999. Before that, Jeremy Goldstein achieved a master’s in Art History from the University of Chicago.



After graduating, Jeremy Goldstein started working at Shearman and Sterling for a year, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz for 14 years, and finally at his current workplace where he has been for almost four years. Jeremy Goldstein has amassed a number of professional skills and has become a capable leader.



Jeremy Goldstein has been helpful to the business sector in providing insight into several matters including the predicament employers have found themselves in of whether to use stock options or not. According to Jeremy Goldstein, knockout options are the best way to make sure that the stock options are handled well. To understand why, one needs to know some things about stock options and using them as additional compensation first.



Stick options as additional compensation has its pros and cons. One problem with it is that the stock value can drop sharply at any moment. That will make the stock options wholly unusable and thus eliminate their purpose as compensation. At the same time, businesses will still need to provide the same extensive reports. Employees have also become wary os stock options as a way of compensation. They widely prefer being paid in cash which is secure and straightforward. For the company, it also creates financial and accounting burdens to do all of the paperwork.



On the other hand, stock options are preferable to equities, additional wages, better insurance coverage ad the likes, according to most employers. It is more simple to explain t employees that are not familiar with the compensation method. It can also create a good profit for the company and the employee because stock options for the employee rise together with those of the company. That will have the employees working harder and being more productive.



To eliminate the disadvantages and still make use of the benefits, Jeremy Goldstein suggests knockout options which remove the value of stock options if those of the company drop below a certain value. That is more fair and secure for both the employer and the employee. It will also enhance the performance of the workforce and increase the financial gain.


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How Fabletics Differs from Other Companies

Fabletics is a clothing company, but it is not the same as most other clothing companies. It is a different type of company than most that are a part of the industry. The people who run the company know there are different things they can do if they want to be able to try new things. They also know more people are going to be grateful for the things they have to offer than what other companies have because they know it will change based on their own personal style. Fabletics has always tried to make sure that they can cater to other people while they are running the business.


For Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics, to do this, they have to make sure they are offering all the best services to their customers. Perhaps one of the best things they can do is offer their products and services to the people who need them. They can also show them they will be able to benefit from all the different things that are available on the athleisurewear line. Fabletics has tried their best to provide these clothes to their customers without the issues that sometimes come from other companies.


Convenience is key for online brands. Even major companies like Amazon know they have to do things in a way that’s convenient for all the people who they work with. Most people shop online because of the convenience factor and that sets everyone apart from what they have tried to do in other businesses. Fabletics is prepared to take on Amazon because they are even more convenient than other companies. Not only do they offer free shipping and clothing delivered right to their customers but they also do so through a subscription service. The whole process is relatively flawless.


Since most customers don’t even have to think about what they are doing with the clothes from the company, they know they will need to try different things to get the clothing they want. They also know they’ll need to push to make sure their customers are getting more from the industry than they are from other companies. Out of everything Fabletics has done, it has all led back to where their customers are and what they can do to help them. Fabletics and Kate Hudson are focused on the right way to help their customers without the issues that come from other online retailers.

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Scott M. Rocklage, PhD Knows how to Build a Business

So, what do you say to a man who has a PhD and a resume that reads like the prefix to a novel? It all depends on if his record of service includes such names as EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Amersham Health, Ilypsa Inc, Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc, Nycomed Salutar, Catalytica Pharmaceuticals and a cadre of other fine businesses and organizations. In that case, you would start the conversation by saying “hello” to Scott M. Rocklage, PhD.


The conversation might then flow to one of the hundred different projects that he personally has a hand on and the patents under his name as well. Then the back and forth just might continue to naturally sway toward his position as CEO of 5AM Ventures. This is where the real inspiration and driving force behind this businessman can really be appreciated and explained.


The purpose and drive of the services his business provides is to be crucial in the formative stages of any life science business and supportive in the development of that company’s model. To do this, Scott M. Rocklage’s days are anything but typical and he can be seen discovering new breakthroughs in bioscience, or managing his companies portfolios, and even giving a little time to board meetings and other executive duties. But, when he’s not doing those things he’s often working with his clientele to help them realize the full potential of their ideas and execute them in the most efficient and proactive way as possible.


He’s most excited about working with professionals in the genome business who developed Target medicines that work in sales at a near miraculous level. His business is making science big business and helping others along the way. As a entrepreneur, he’s very goal oriented, focused and not afraid to take risks when it comes to seeing innovation in his daily service. For his success strategy, he recommends sticking to the script. However, he’s also not afraid to fix a mistake quickly once it has been made. For Scott, it’s all about having the right team and management for seeing success in his field, which surprisingly enough is not really affected by the tech communication craze.


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