Eric Lefkofsky Introduces Tempus

Almost 40% of the adults in America face a cancer diagnosis at one point in their lives. Therefore, everyone knows someone who has battled cancer. The National Cancer Institute shows that around 14.5 million Citizens in the U.S lived with cancer in 2014. By 2024, the figure is expected to rise by over 5 million. However, the prognosis looks better because of amazing advances that are made by such companies as Tempus co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky.

Although it may seem as if the healthcare industry is up-to-date with the modern technology, that is far from the truth as the industry is way behind. Eric Lefkofsky had never known this reality until his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. To his surprise, he learned that there is a gaping hole in the fields of digital technology and data collection in the American Health arena. Albeit ample data is collected about patients and their diagnoses and treatments, there is no streamlined method of corralling the information and making effective use of it. Tempus co-founded by Erick, offers solutions as it has a goal of transforming the way cancer care is delivered to patients. Tempus developed a platform that analyses the patient’s molecular and clinical data effectively and Eric on Facebook.

One of the main challenges faced by Tempus was capturing the physical notes called progress notes. However, this was done by the development of software that processes natural language and recognizes optical characters. It also uses the human genome sequencing to collect information at only $5000 in comparison to the higher costs in 2003 which were at $100 million and more.

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tempus, which is a technology company that battles against cancer. Erick is also one of the founding partners of Lightbank, which is a fund that invests in disruptive technologies. Other than that, he is also the chairman of Groupon, where he also serves as the chairman. Groupon is an electronic commerce marketplace. Erick also co-founded Uptake Technologies, which serves as a predictive analytics place for the largest industries in the world.

Other than that, Erick runs the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife Liz. The two founded the above organization ion 2006 and they look towards advancing high impact inventiveness that improves lives in the community.

Spotlight On Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in 1961 in Marilia, Sao Paulo. He holds a postgraduate degree in Social Psychology from Sao Paulo’s Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. Besides that, he has numerous other qualifications in economics, engineering, accounting, and management.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began his career at Bradesco as a clerk in 1969. In 1984, he was appointed the Marketing Director of Bradesco’s Marilia branch, a position he held before becoming the group’s Executive Director between 1992 and 1998.

In his illustrious career, Luiz has served in various managerial positions in a career spanning over 40 years. His numerous accomplishments in these posts have helped him transform Bradesco into one of Brazil’s leading bank and insurance firm. His significant accomplishments include increasing Bradesco’s customer base, the opening of new branches, and raising its net profits. As such, various organizations have awarded Luiz in recognition of his contribution.

As one of Brazil’ highly influential business executives, many consider him the embodiment of Bradesco’s culture, philosophy, and commitment to the people of Brazil. In this respect, he is known for his honest approach to business, modesty, and devotion to the company’s business processes. Presently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is Bradesco’s CEO, a position he attained in 2003. In this capacity, he capably maneuvered Bradesco through turbulent economic times and stiff competition. His most remarkable achievement as Bradesco’s CEO was orchestrating the group’s buyout of HSBC’s Brazilian operations at a record price of $5.2 billion. This move in effect catapulted Bradesco to the top of the Brazilian banking and insurance industry.

A characteristic of his management style is organic growth. In respect to this approach, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi believes in strengthening the company’s position through the strategic acquisition of smaller business ventures into a giant corporate entity. As such, his passion is in improving the group’s internal management structure to weather challenges present in this sector. With this in mind, Trabuco is currently designing a growth strategy targeting approximately 100 million new customers by 2025. To achieve this goal, he has developed various expansion plans into the country’s untapped insurance and banking sector. His vision is to capitalize on the potential offered by the country’s unbanked and uninsured populace.

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Cancer is The Latest Target for Groupon Founder Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky has spent much of his adult life chasing the American dream in the form of business and financial success, but the diagnosis of his wife with a form of breast cancer led to the Groupon founder stepping outside his comfort zone and into the field of medical research. After the diagnosis of his wife, Eric Lefkofsky was left shocked by the level of cancer in the U.S., estimated 14.5 million people living with a form of the disease in 2014 with an expected growth rate to 19 million by 2024.

What initially shocked Eric Lefkofsky about the medical field was the lack of dedicated integration between electronic health records held at different medical locations; addressing this issue was one of the first tasks for Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus company as new software has been developed allowing physicians and medical professionals to explore the different notes being produced each and every day by medical professionals involved in the treatment of cancer patients. Eric Lefkofsky and his Tempus brand are also looking to push forward the many different options open patients and medical professionals in completing genome testing and mapping, a technology identified as playing a key role in the development of new treatments for cancers. The lowering costs of genome mapping have resulted in Tempus looking to create new software allowing physicians to learn about treatments plans begun with patients in different locations and learn more about Eric.

As the founder of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has been involved in the development of many different business and technology projects that have come out of his various business activities that have led to him becoming an adjunct professor of business at the University of Chicago. Despite becoming a successful business leader across many different fields, the University of Michigan Law School graduate began his career as a legal expert before finding success with his Groupon brand and more information click here.

A popular philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky is one of the original signatories of “The Giving Pledge“, a pledge made by many billionaires to use the majority of their personal fortunes to aid philanthropic good causes around the world.

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