Doe Deere is the New Queen of Cosmetics

Doe Deere is a cosmetics leader. She may not know it yet, but she is a rising star in the cosmetics industry. People are checking out her Lime Crime brand, and over a million people are following the Lime Crime brand on Instagram. This company is growing, and Doe Deere is the one that is bringing forth the inspiration for this new Generation Z that is spending billions of dollars online.


The thing that Doe Deere has realized is that she doesn’t have to really promote the brand through her own website. She is aware that there is a new generation that doesn’t really watch television. He knows that he can promote the brand through social media. Selling cosmetics online is so much easier thanks to social media. This generation of consumers today are going to be able to embrace cosmetics through the Internet because they are constantly getting likes from friends and posts about the brand. This is how Doe Deere has become as well-known as she is.


Doe Deere has had a digital platform that has allowed her to make it to the top in her industry. She has managed to create a strong brand, and people are highly aware of her colorful flavors. Doe Deere is a champion with the youth, but she is also appealing to an older crowd. Middle-aged women love her brand as well. She has become a person that gives people access to cruelty free products, and older women appreciate this.


The Doe Deere brand is very appealing because there is such a huge focus on her style. She is building up a very profitable business, and the lipstick line is innovative. The lip gloss, lipstick and eyeliner are great for people that want something that is over the top. The Velvetine Collection is very popular because the colors are part of high quality makeup solution. This is makeup that does not fade out easy. The Doe Deere collection has things like Dusty Nude, Alien and grey-brown shades. All of these are very high quality brands of lipstick.


The matte lipstick from Doe Deere does not fade. So many people are going to look at the Doe Deere brand and patronize her makeup because it is different from the rest. The Lime Crime brand that she has created is just the beginning of her success. Right now Doe Deere is always working on a hair dye. There is a semi-permanent hair dye. The Unicorn Makeup was the beginning of her claim to fame. Now people are starting to talk about the Unicorn Hair. That is something that she launched recently, but there is already a lot of talk about this hair dye.


Doe Deere may not look like a CEO. Most people would just assume that she is a customer. The reality is that she is both CEO and consumer. She sells this makeup, but Doe Deere also invests in her own makeup line. She is a fan of her own brand.


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Adam Milstein dedicated to strenghtening, preserving Israel and the Jewish people

The Inspired by Israel video contest will soon be down to its final 10.

More than 80 individuals and groups submitted video entries to the contest, which seeks to not only inform, but educate and inspire, people about Israel. The contest is sponsored by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in conjunction with the 12Tribe Films Foundation.


People from around the world cast votes to narrow the field down and the top 10 winners will be selected by Gila Milstein; David Suissa, president of Jewish Journal/Tribe Media president; and Michael Dickson, executive director of StandWithUs Israel. Winners of the contest will be announced April 30. A total of $20,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to the winning entries.


Adam Milstein, who co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife, said the contest is a way show off Israel’s people, places and innovations to the world.


“Superman’s Got Nothing On Israel” was the grand prize winner in the 2016 contest, garnering hundreds of thousands of online views.


Mr. Milstein is an Israeli native who served in that nation’s defense forces during the Yom Kippur War. A 1978 graduate of Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, he immigrated to the United States in 1981 and earned his master’s in business administration from the University of Southern California. He began a career in commercial real estate and is currently managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a privately held commercial real estate firm with holdings throughout the United States.


The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation seeks to safeguard and strengthen both Israel and the Jewish people by sparking pride in the next generation by giving Americans who support Israel the knowledge to advocate on behalf of the Jewish state. The foundation also works to strengthen the U.S.-Israel alliance.


The Milsteins live in California and have three daughters and three grandchildren.

Mark Hutchinson’s Wildlife Life

WildArk, a wildlife and nature conservation group, was founded by Mark Hutchinson. Hutchinson is a native Australia. His father had a job that often transplanted a city. He said it was during these early years that he learned to love the outdoors. The family finally settled down in Sydney after his dad got a new full time job there. After high school, he spent a year living in and off of the wilds of northern Australia. It was during these years the he decided he would eventually start an adventure company.

At the age of 19, he journeyed to Africa and did the same thing there. He then started to pursue his adventure company dream by earning a B.A. in Economics from the University in Sydney. In 2005 he completed a South African-based EcoTraining course in order to be qualified as a guide in Africa. It was during this time that he first met business partner, Anton Lategan. At 22, he founded the adventure company, Untamed. The mission of this company was to introduce its clients to the best that the outdoors has to offer. During his time fully managing this company he would contact African hotels and offer the services of his company to the travelers staying there. Learn more:

In 2008, he entered INSTEAD Business School in France, where he earned his MBA. Girded with the knowledge he learned during these years, in 2010 he made some changes with Untamed, which included changing its name to Avana. The rebranded company was almost entirely about training and education of nature guiding. He sold it in 2013. It was while doing this that he learned an awful lot about the ecotourism and conservation industries. Learn more:

For the next two years he labored in the business world with some measure of success. In 2015, he abandoned this business work and finally returned to his passion: Nature and wildlife. That is when he started WildArk. Learn more: