Wes Edens; the Billionaire Financial Guru

Fortress Investment Group manages and is directly answerable to over 1,750 clients for their assets worth almost $43 billion. A company that in the beginning was just a buyout firm has now grown tremendously to become a global entity. The assets under its portfolio include bonds, private equity, liquid equity, and hedge funds.

Wes Edens has been through it all. Other than being part of the founding team, he serves as the joint-chief executive as well as the co-chairman of the board of directors. Fortress Investment Group has been running its daily operations for the last 20 years now and has made significant and profitable strides in the investment sector. It has been involved in several capital projects in the US and around the world. For example, it has recently made an entry into the Jamaican liquefied natural gas business.

Straight from Oregon State University with a degree in Finance, Wes Edens was ready to face the corporate world. His first tastes of the employment world were at Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and California Savings and Loans. After a few years of juggling between different employers, Wes was ready to settle, and Lehman Brothers were prepared to give him a chance. His first posting was in their mortgage trading division, but after years of delivering results, he was promoted to director and partner in the firm.

In 2016, Fortress Investment Group was making headlines in the financial world; it became the first private equity fund to issue an IPO to the public and started trading its shares in the renowned New York Stock Exchange. A decade later, Wes Edens made a premier appearance on the Forbes billionaire list. The list estimated that Wes was worth around $1.6 billion and it meant that he was position 962. It’s worth noting that he was among those who were categorized as self-made billionaires.

Together with his business partners and friends Randal Nardone and Peter Briger, they have built something from nothing. Just recently, Wes Edens announced that together with Egyptian Billionaire Nassef Sawiris, they have purchased a majority stake at Aston Villa, an English soccer team.

Paul Herdsman – The Businessman


Paul Herdsman is a talented businessman with experience in business developing, customer retention, operation execution, marketing and sales growth and acquisition. Paul Herdsman is the co-founder of NICE Global as well as the COO of NICE Global. NICE Global is a company located nearshore in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

NICE Global provides other businesses solutions who wants to outsource processes. NICE Global offers business solutions to companies that already exists. NICE Global lowers overhead costs improves customer retention and customer engagement, and higher revenue for clients.

NICE Global also uses several metrics to determine success for employees by rewarding hard work, skills, and dedication through programs that are incentive-based. Paul worked in management for many companies before he was a co-founder of NICE Global. He is a entrepreneur who perfected the skill of problem-solving.

Paul was drawn to streamlining processes for other businesses. He enjoys implementing and developing. Paul already worked in the field of outsourcing for large companies. He has provided services to the Philippines, India, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and the United States.

It became difficult to manage all locations after reaching a certain growth. Paul became concerned about customer satisfaction when he was unable to physically provide mentor-ship and services to the outsourcing centers. Paul considered a different route to be able to consolidate outsourcing to provide customers with a physical base to visit. Get Related Information Here.

Jamaica became the choice for a location, workforce, business practices, and potential for growth. A center was created in Montego Bay where NICE Global is born. NICE Global makes money through services provided to their clients.

The company’s success is based off the success of clients being serviced. NICE Global already had a portfolio of clients so they were able to hit the ground and became profitable quickly. The team in Jamaica created a streamlined successful recruiting process.

Paul Herdsman was confident in his decision to develop NICE Global. He was very comfortable with implementing and building tasks to operate business day to day. Paul recognized the importance of a team of employees, the loyalty, hard work, and value it takes to provide a workplace culture.


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Betsy DeVos: Building a Better Foundation for the American Future

If children are the future, then education is the foundation. The work that teachers do every single day in this country is nothing short of miraculous. They help usher in the future by teaching students about the past. It is an important charge one that many people are called to. The problem is that such talent and exuberance for the field of education can be squashed by the current landscape of the field. Public schools, in general, are one of the worst offenders for this type of phenomena. Children all over the country are being taught by teachers who are quite frankly burnt out. It can be rather daunting for both teacher and student.


So why are these teachers burning out or having difficulty with their chosen field? The problem is that many of the public schools in America are suffering from some type of overcrowding, short staff, funding deficits, or all of the three. This can lead teachers to either become creative or burnt out. For many teachers, it becomes a choice between going to work in the public sector or the private sector. Charter schools and private schools are starting to look more attractive every single day. When good teachers move out of the public sector then parents feel a desire to follow them. They want their children to receive the best possible education they can.


For politicians like Betsy DeVos, education is personal. As the current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has the sole goal of educating the American youth. She takes that goal very seriously. Her work in her previous home state of Michigan was in an exceptional step towards the growing goal of “school choice”. Betsy DeVos has been a very outspoken advocate for this since the very beginning. In fact, she previously had an interview with PhilanthropyRoundtable to discuss why it was so important to her that the nation becomes more aware of their choices. She believes that the pattern described above is lowering the standards of the American education system. If parents do not step in to make those tough decisions for their children, then it will continue to falter. She believes that even homeschooling can be a wonderful option for parents who do not lack the funds to send their children to the schools or there are none in their area.


As Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is also looking at ways to make charter schools and private schools more affordable for everyone in the population. She has put forth plans for scholarship funding and tax relief for parents that choose to enroll their children in these alternative forms of education. She has also put a large amount of time into visiting the schools to see how they work. It helps her to form better goals about where the future of these systems is headed. Much of her work is directed towards a better future for these children. She wants them to grow up to excel beyond their international peers and help build a better foundation for the American future.


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How Jim Larkin Organized Workers to Fight for their Rights

Jim Larkin is a trade unionist who was born in Liverpool England in 1876. Jim Larkin spent a few years of his youth working at the Liverpool dock before relocating to Dublin Ireland where he continued to fight for workers’ rights to fair and equal treatment.

Before heading to Dublin, Jim was an active member of the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) where he championed the fight for better services to all dockworkers. He believed in the phenomenon of a “fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.“ Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://ireland-calling.com/james-larkin/ and http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/index.php/articles/jim-larkin-released-from-prison

He applied the militant method of approach to the issues through organizing strikes, and this did not go well with NUDL. He was therefore sent to Dublin, Ireland in 1907 while still a youth. Jim founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union after settling in Dublin.

Under ITGWU, Larkin mobilized all workers either skilled or unskilled to join the union so that they could fight for their rights together. This style made the union very strong. The primary objectives of the union included fighting for nationalization of all transport systems, eight hours a day, right to vote for all workers, arbitration courts.

Other goals consist of a pension for workers who had attained the age of sixty and employment to the unemployed population. In short, the union fought for the rights of all Irish people to enjoy the fruits of their country. After five years, Jim Larkin together with James Connolly founded the Irish Labor Party in 1912.

The Union was of the opinion that Dublin workers had few rights and vowed to fight back. In that connection, a series of strikes were staged, but the strongest one was the Dublin Lockout. It involved more than 100,000 workers who staged the strike for almost eight months. The result of the strike was positive because they won the right to fair employment. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Biography

Even though Jim used boycotts and strikes to present the union grievances, there was no violence. This method earned his union’s mass recruitment and hence their strength because no work satiation was ever affected by the strikes. During the start of the First World War one, he organized demonstrations to warn people not to participate in the war because it would affect the country.

Neurocore Uses Neurofeedback to Treat ADHD

It’s not always easy living with ADHD but fortunately, scientists and research organizations have been working on various treatments for over 40 years now and are making significant headway. The research dates back to the mid-70’s when a scientist known as J.F. Lubar first began examining the effect of neurofeedback on children with ADHD. Nowadays, there are numerous scientists and research organizations using his research in conjunction with modern technology to develop the most effective treatments for children with ADHD. One of the most prominent research organizations studying various treatments for this neurological disorder is Neurocore and they seem to be having much success in the field according to their results.

Over three-quarters of the patients they’ve treated have reported a significant decrease in their symptoms and over half of them found they no longer met the requirements to be considered a patient with ADHD. Many symptoms of the disorder can be attributed to sleep deprivation, anxiety, vision impairment, and many other conditions. That is precisely why Neurocore remains committed to developing the most effective treatment methods and one day they even hope to discover a cure. Using new technology known as Qeeg, they’ve been able to determine that ADHD is often caused by an abundance of waves known as Theta and a lack of waves known as Beta. They’ve also found out that there are different ways you can categorize the disorder.

The first one is characterized by inattentiveness and the second is characterized by lack of impulse control and hyperactivity. The last one is merely an amalgamation of the first two. They’ve also been using this Qeeg technology to analyze the brainwaves of patients in an attempt to determine the root cause of the disorder. To this day, neurofeedback remains one of the most commonly-researched treatments for the disorder and, seeing as the condition can last well into adulthood, scientists recognize the significance of developing the most effective treatments possible for patients with ADHD. So we wish them the best of luck in their future research and hope they are successful in finding a cure for it someday.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeurocoreLivonia/

Jeff Herman And The Law

There are many times that we hear of sexual exploitation, rape and sexual assault cases on the news. We may even know of people that have had to deal with this type of crime, and it may have happened to us personally.

Hiring A Lawyer

When someone has gone through sexual exploitation, assault or rape, they will want to hire a lawyer who can represent them in a court of law. This is because it can be very difficult to stand on their own and describe what has happened to them. When they have a lawyer do that, the case can go much smoother.

Are The Costs High For This Type Of Lawyer?

This will depend on how involved the case will be. During the consultation phase when the lawyer talks with the person, all of this information will be gone over. This way a person will know what they are getting into before the court hearing opens up. A person can discuss payment arrangements and whether they can use cash, check or credit card for the lawyer’s services.

Jeff Herman Law

Jeff Herman is the founder of Herman Law. This is his law firm, and he deals with sexual assault cases, rape and sexual exploitation. He is an educated professional who dedicates his life to solving cases like this. In his personal life, he is also respected. People look up to him for what he stands for in both his professional and personal life.

For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them. Looking how far Herman has come, he is glad for all the accomplishments. Practicing a particular field of law is the best decision he made in his career. Jeff Herman’s career has grown and changed the society. Jeff Herman is not keeping his skills to himself. He teaches other lawyers litigating sexual abuse cases.

In most cases, sexual assault cases take a long time to be solved. There are always two sides of the story. For this reason, it is important that a person get the representation that they need in order to present their case properly to the court. Having a good lawyer can make all the difference in the world. Once a person has gone through the court system, they can then begin rebuilding their life, and get back to the things that are important to them. Read This Article to learn more of Herman’s other exploits.

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Paul Herdsman And Nice Global Company

To make it through in life you must always need concrete strategies and immovable interest in what you believe in his philosophy. Concerning the topic, Paul Herdsman will be the guy to focus on as an entrepreneur, and he has made crucial and bold moves to lead his field.


Paul Herdsman is the Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of NICE Global. The company offers a business solution that is near shore. The company is located in Montego Bay shore, Jamaica where the business mind and guru was born. Due to this Mr. Herdsman has three different things crucial for an entrepreneur should know and they are know-how, dedication, and hard work.


The NICE Global is a company majorly offers quality services in different areas like technical support, service outsourcing, and support after-hours, back-office operations. They do also have an email service that they always outsource, and this comprises of up-selling and cross-selling. As a company, NICE also offers his customers answering services. Hence this could assure the customer a chance to communicate with a live operator anytime call occurs. Read This Article to learn more.


Speaking of the success of the company Mr. Paul Herdsman has been the pillar of it. He has done what could be done to ensure they have reached the peak. He has given lessons to aspiring and reputable impresarios to be successful like he brings their companies to the limelight. One of their common examples is the creative culture which focuses on the growth and development of its employees in both professional and personal dimensions.


To live a balanced life especially for working guys, one needs to balance between family and his work. Paul Herdsman he is married, and he has two kids, a brother, a son, he is a problem solver who uses his environment to solve his problems, a weekend golfer and enjoys fishing. More so he is a guy who values respect, and he gives it to everyone both at work and home.


To draw up conclusions, Paul Herdsman is a man who is an icon in the entrepreneurial world, technological and managing world. And much in building the company that has grown to its greater height.


Visit: https://www.behance.net/paulherdsm6f73

Dr. Saad Saad Relates Some Lessons He Has Learned During His Life

Dr. SaadSaad had a very distinguished career as a pediatric surgeon. He worked for almost 50 years before deciding to retire. During his career, he came up with a few innovations and helped thousands of children. He was recently interviewed and during this he shared some of the life lessons that he has passed down to his own children over the years that he learned in this profession as well as from his personal life.

His first lesson was to not anything less than the level of success you are after. In relating this bit of wisdom Dr. Saad Saad talked about how he was born in the second half of the 1940s in Palestine. This was a very tumultuous time as the State of Israel was formed, pushing many Palestinians out from where they had been living. This included his family who was forced out of their home while his father was working out of town. They eventually reunited and moved to Kuwait.

Kuwait is blazingly hot for most of the year. At first, Dr. Saad Saad thought he would grow up to be an engineer like two of his older brothers. However, he couldn’t take the heat and thought about what occupation he could do that would always take place in an air-conditioned space. He realized that was operating rooms and so he chose to become a pediatric surgeon.

He says that his entire career was decided by Kuwait’s weather. Dr. Saad Saad says that this story shows that a person can do anything they set their mind to. He says that as long as you will only accept success like he did you will find it. He points out that at one point he was a poor Palestinian refugee and, through perseverance, he became a highly successful medical doctor.

Dr. Saad Saad says another life lesson he passed on was to always be proactive. You shouldn’t put tasks off to a later date if you can get them done that day. He says that by following this rule he became highly efficient with his time and resources. Each day he strives to make the best use of his time so that it doesn’t go to waste. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

After earning his medical degree he moved to the United States. He had decided he wanted to be a US board-certified pediatric surgeon so he pursued this goal with a passion. Once he achieved this he was the only such person in America who could speak both English and Arabic fluently. He said that by making good use of his time he ended up working for the Saudi Royal family for several years as their pediatric surgeon.

Dr. Saad Saad’s life lessons can be read up on by clicking here.

The Mission Of OSI Group

Offering tailored solutions to your food demands, is what OSI Group has strived to do for an entire century. To survive a century in the very competitive food sector is more than proof that this company has an excellent business model and winning products. Their supply chain is trusted by many and was created from expert production specialists. The culinary skill they offer is exceptional. Additionally, they have a very flavorful and diverse knowledge of food palates. Their facilities are designed to run effectively and bring concept to table food ideas to life. All meal plans are researched and well put together for the customers. They make sure all of their facilities meet ethical and food safety guidelines.

Although this company mainly focuses on the production of food, being accountable for their effects on the environment is very important to them. A set of core values guides OSI Group. The first of their core values is their partnerships. In fact, partnerships are more like relationships to this production company. They create trustworthy, long lasting relationships with supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and retail product brands. Secondly, the company has a focus on improvement. Although their history proves without a doubt their success, they undoubtedly make sure to never stop seeking ways to continue to advance themselves. That leads to the third core value. They have value on exploring more ways to be innovative.

From their technologies to facilities to product lineup, everything is created with innovation in mind. They stay ahead of the competition by being advanced in every part of their business. Teamwork is their fourth core value. Every member of the OSI Group family operates a team. Lastly, the company also has integrity incorporated into their actions. OSI Group took a single beef patty and turned it into a major food production corporation. Their company is a proof of the American dream and how hard work can make dreams possible. The company will continue to provide quality and customer service to their global lists of customers. Dominating the food industry will be their mission for another century of success.

Wes Edens: Quick Biographical Information and Information on Soccer Team Purchase

General Information on Wes Edens

Wes Edens serves Fortress Investment Group as its Co-Founder. He is one of the three founders of Fortress. The other two are Peter Briger and Randal Nardone. He is based in New York, New York. He also is the private equity officer for his company. He invests in many different industries. Examples are real estate, transportation, as well as media. On top of that, Edens is also the co-owner of the NBA basketball team. Edens has also done a project called “Brightline” which is a train system that’s owned and operated privately.

For his college education he had a major in Finance and Business Administration. He went to Orange State University. The work that Wes Edens gets done as Fortress is mostly in the division of Private Equity. That happened to be the center business when Fortress was established in 1998. He had an approach of investment for complication that is looking for large returns from tools under anguish or disapproval with the capital markets. Before Fortress he served as a managing director and partner. This was for the companies of BlackRock and Lehman Brothers.


Recently, Wes Edens was involved in a big purchase. This was the Aston Villa soccer team. The team had played a play-off final game in May against the Fulham team. As a result of this they lost a payment of four million dollars to HMRC. They then depended on the owner of the club, Dr. Tony Xia to take care of the shortfalls of finance. It had reached a detailed forty million dollars.

Wes Edens will help the team out along with Naseef Sawiris. With Edens being a co-owner of the Bucks he is knowledge in sports. Also, according to Forbes, Sawiris is valued at $5.2bn. Xia is happy a partnership with strategy has been formed with those two men. He also explained that they have a common achievement to bring to Aston Villa, triumph in the future. He is excited to getting this goal achieved with them. The investment strategy he had is one with a great acceptance. Original source